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Provisional Roll Review Discussion, Primary & Contributing Schools

Do you qualify for a review?

You need to submit clear evidence to your local Ministry Management Office by 18 November 2022 that the MOE provisional resourcing roll for 2023 is at variance with your 1 March prediction by at least 5%


1 Calculate the MOE Provisional 1 March prediction by subtracting the Y1 Adj roll from the total provisional roll.  Multiply the result by 1.05 to determine the 5% threshold needed to qualify.
2 Establish your 1 March 2023 prediction by subtracting known leavers from the actual current school roll, then add documented pre-enrolments from your submission date to 1 March 2023.

3 If your prediction meets or exceeds the threshold in (1) above, complete the Provisional Roll Review Form using the Provisional Roll Review link on the 20 Sept Education Bulletin link.As well as the MOE suggestion “For example, provide us with evidence of actual enrolments for next year.” I suggest you also include evidence of actual enrolments arriving this year as well as those arriving up to 1 March 2022. (Be strategic when deciding when to submit your review request, considering such things as peak roll from now to 20th November which might be influenced by roll growth and covid 19 effects.)

4 If a formal cohort entry school you may also like to download and complete a roll review application even if the 5% threshold cannot be established and you can see that the table M1 and J1 roll numbers have been used to establish the provisional roll without regard for pupils who were enrolled mid-term after 1 March or 1 July with birthdays up to 1 March and July 1 respectively not included.  The links below might help with this process. Click Here.
5 MACS schools (Rolls less than 176) who find their provisional roll for 2023 is at or just under a multiple of 25 miss out on 0.6 or more staffing.  Endeavour to justify being staffed on a multiple of 25 plus 1 by using (1) to (3) above. (“MACS” means “Maximum Average Class Size” and is set at 25, meaning 25 pupils = 1 teacher and 26 pupils = 2 teachers!)
Given that just 1 extra child counted could provide the tipping point needed for the extra teacher I suggest you submit a review request even if the 5% threshold is out of reach as I believe that the 5% rule is there to prevent frivolous applications for reviews by larger schools that would yield very little extra staffing and can be addressed by other means next year.
6 Use the MOE staffing calculator to determine the likely staffing increase that a successful review might achieve.
7 Finally, if your review fails or only partly addresses the FTTE staffing deficit you see on the provisional staffing notice, realise that if your March actual roll next year exceeds the provisional roll sufficiently you will receive an increase in FTTE entitlement after pp 26  backdated to pp 23 2023. (Hard to achieve, given that there is now no Y1 adjustment for staffing in the March Confirmation Process although it is used for your Recalculation Funding purposes and for Area Schools Staffing Confirmation and Funding.

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